Brand Consulting.

Your brand is much more than your logo. Your brand is your business personality.  It represents you in all your communications with the world. Your logo is a big part of that. But it's just a beginning. Your brand is the voice of your business. It speaks for you. It tells the world who you are, what you offer, and maybe most importantly, what you stand for. 

It tells your story.

Sounds like a lot to ask of a logo, doesn't it? That's why your brand shows up in the style of everything you put out into the world. It's the words you use. The colors. The music. The commitment to customers. 

You may have a fantastic brand and are proud of the way you are represented in the marketplace. But it's possible that it could be working harder for you. Or maybe you're new to the whole branding thing and don't know where to start. 

That's where we come in. 

We'll help you get to the core of your business to determine what you do and why you do it and then develop a brand that eloquently shares your story with the world. 

What can you expect in a brand discovery process? 

We create brand work for our customers based on an important principle:

People don't buy what you do.  They buy why you do it. 

Surprised?  Most people put lots of effort into processes and strategies but tend to push aside discussion about their passion for their work or their business. Believe it or not, that is what people want to tap into. Because when there's passion, there will always be innovation, commitment and a fierce pride in a product or service. Don't you want to align with people or businesses who show real passion for what they deliver to you? Of course. And you should do the same for your prospects and customers.  We can help you get there. Whether it's a brand refresh or a deep dive to get to the core essence of your business, we're there.

On-site brand discovery sessions can be scheduled with you and your employees to facilitate the truest representation of who you are as a company, and ultimately a brand. 

Let's do this.

Meeting your marketing deadlines and delivering world-class marketing communications is an ongoing challenge. To execute your campaigns, you need essential support services such as creative input, project management, copy editing, graphic design, third party research, and translation expertise.

Our team can help with the support services you need to meet global campaign demands. With writers, project managers, copy editors, design partners, and researchers—we're a natural extension of your marketing team.

Campaign Development
Get the expert creative support you need to develop engaging new marketing campaigns or breathe new life into existing products and services.

Copy Editing
Have a skilled copy editor at your beck-and-call or unleash a team of them on your marketing collateral to deliver consistent corporate style and enhance your brand.

Design Services
Need a designer in your hip pocket for a quick turnaround or a design team for your next campaign? We work with some of the most creative designers around.

Project Management
Keep your most important team members focused on higher value campaigns and let our project managers develop timelines, schedule interviews, coordinate designers and manage the review process from start to finish.

Third-Party Research
Access our global research team to add market intelligence and credible support to your most important marketing papers and collateral.